Whole House Fan Boulder

Did you know that a whole house fan can cool your home for a fraction of the cost of traditional air conditioning systems?

Many homeowners in Boulder find that they can keep the temperature of their home comfortable solely with a whole house fan. Others may use their air conditioner only sporadically.

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How Does a Whole House Fan Work?

Sometimes it can feel like the air outside your home is cooler than the air inside, and that’s not your imagination. Insulation and heat exchange lead to this effect, converting the sunlight entering your home into heat and trapping it inside. This is referred to as the greenhouse effect.

Opening a window isn’t enough to combat this effect, especially as the day gets warmer. Plus, people and appliances also produce heat.

A whole house fan offsets this effect and keeps your home cool by pulling in and circulating cool, fresh air from open windows. The fan then pulls this air upward into the attic, allowing a constant stream of cooler air, while simultaneously expelling hotter, stagnant air.

Whole House Fan Versus Air Conditioners

A whole house fan is set up in the attic (though it’s different than an attic fan). This allows hot air to be pulled out of your living area, into the attic space, and back outside.

By contrast, air conditioners cool air inside your home, and they typically take longer to cool everything off. They are also more expensive to run.

Advantages of a Whole House Fan in Boulder

Get ready to enjoy summer with these whole house fan advantages:

Lower Energy Bills

The minimal energy required to run a fan means you can cool your home for up to 90% less than using air conditioning.

Protect the Environment

Energy efficiency isn’t just good for your pocketbook; it’s also great for the environment!

Maintain a Cool, Comfortable Home

We recommend using a whole house fan when the air is cooler, typically during morning and evening hours. This allows you to maintain a constant temperature throughout the day.

Cool Your Home Quietly

Air conditioning units are known for being noisy, but a whole house fan operates at a sound level that is whisper quiet. Whether you’re trying to sleep or enjoy some peace and quiet in your sanctuary space, a whole house fan can operate without unwanted sound.

Breathe Fresh Air

Because a whole house is circulating fresh air from the outdoors, you don’t have to worry about circulating stagnant air in your home that could be contaminated with dirt, mold, pet dander, germs, and bacteria. Instead, you’re getting fresh air from the outdoors.

Work With Our Team of Expert Installers

Whole house fan installations are our specialty, and we’ll guide every step. We understand that choosing the right house fans for your home is an essential first step, and we work with you to select an ideal system that fits your needs and budget.

Our expert installers ensure that the entire process runs smoothly and that you are thrilled with the results.