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Air Sealing Services

Air sealing is a way to stop air leakage in your Colorado home. It involves the evaluation of and making corrections to the way air and energy flow through large and small areas of the house. Here are some facts to understand if you think your home may need air sealing.

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What is Air Sealing Against Leakage?

Air leakage describes a condition in your home where air from the outside of the house comes in and conditioned indoor air goes out through cracks and other open spaces. Homeowners want to avoid air leakage because it’s uncontrollable. When too much or not enough air enters the house, air leakage can leave you with poor indoor air quality, problems with moisture levels, and an uncomfortable home. The best way to address air leakage in your home is to seal up the openings in the house where the air moves in and out.

Small Leaks

The best way to fix small air leaks in your home is to seal the cracks and openings with spray foam because of its ability to fill tiny areas. The spaces where plumbing and electrical wiring pass through are common areas for leaks. Even if your home is newly constructed, you may have air leaks in these areas, as very few builders take the time to seal them.

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Large Leaks

While many places in your home can develop large air leaks, the most common ones are those around your ductwork. These air leaks are significant because they can increase your utility costs and reduce your indoor air quality. You may also find large air leaks if you have recessed lighting in your home. This lighting style, especially if the lights are an older model, tends to leak air through the spaces around them.

Measuring Air Permeability

Air permeability is a measurement of how much air is flowing into or out of your house. When you know how much air you need to control, you can measure to see how much progress you’re making as you seal the openings. The most reliable way to get an accurate evaluation of the air permeability of your home is to hire a qualified professional to conduct a blower door test. This assessment depressurizes the house, revealing the leaks.

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